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Christmas workshop

Here, we show how we built most of our characters and decors.


All figures are sawed out of particle board or plywood. The original figure is enlarged up to the surface with a projector, where the image contours are drawn with a strong Tuch pen. Then we cut out the shape,sharpen the edges and drill some holes if needed

After priming the figure with a white primer we brush-paint it with the chosen colors, the paint is water based, and water-resistand after drying. When the figure is pre-painted we cover it with a coat of varnish, in order to provide additional protection against wind, rain and cold, but also to make it easier to clean and to keep it clean.

Candy Cane Sticks:

These are used cardboard tubes with plastic lids. The cardboard tubes are painted white with a waterproof paint. The first part of the inside is also painted to prevent the cardboard from softening if it gets wet. Once this is dry, we wrap red tape around in the proper shape.

 Christmas trees:

All Christmas trees are purchased plastic Christmas trees with sizes varying between 35-210cm.


Lightchains are primarily from one brand. System Expo / System LED. Considering energy consumption as many as fairy lights that is possible will be replaced with LED lights. The advantage of these are that they consume significantly less power and their burning time is substantially longer. These systems are really good and well developed, providing us a large choice and a lot of connection possibilities. Another advantage of building with LED is that the load on the electrical outlets is not as high, even if the system is expanded to the max. We also recommend System 24 Low-Voltage LED systems, which reduce the energy consumption further.


2012 - Julkrubban - Nativity scene -Krippe - crèche -belén.

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2012 - Pingviner - penguins - pingüinos


2012 Pepparkaks figurer - gingerbread figures - Gingerbread Zahlen - chiffres pain d'épice - figuras de pan de jengibre.


2011 Smurfarna - The Smurfs - die Schlümpfe - les Schtroumpfs -Los Pitufos


2010 Sagoslottet - Fairytale castle - Märchenschloss -conte de fées château  - castillo de cuento de hadas

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2010 Julgran med ljus -Christmas tree with lights - Weihnachtsbaum mit Lichtern - Arbre de Noël avec des lumières - Árbol de Navidad con luces.  

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Blandade bilder - mixed photos - Mixed Bilder - les photos mixtes - fotos mezcladas.

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